LG EGO Wi-Fi is Latest mobiles phone

The LG EGO Wi-Fi is Latest mobiles phone ideal if you enjoy social networking on the facility Built-in apps mean you can go straight to face book, tweet and more – plus, there's a QWERTY keypad like the one on your computer to make typing messages quick and simple. And like the Samsung Tosco Icon, the EGO's Wi-Fi capability lets you get online affordably and easily at Wi-Fi hotspots across the country. Ideal for custody yourself amused there’s plenty of entertainment that comes with the friends for a weekend. The time will fly by when you tune into the EGO's MP3 player - and if you add a 4GB Micro SD card, there's room for hundreds of your facility tracks. Then, when you fancy a change, why not switch to the FM radio - or play the selection of built-in games? And when you arrive at your mates' house, you can take pictures of your stay with the 2-megapixel camera (like the one on the Nokia-C3) or even shoot some video. Share your facility stuff on the EGO Wi-Fi If you like to share your music and photos, the LG EGO Wi-Fi gives you loads of ways to do so. You can stream using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth – or link your phone easily to your PC by popping in a Micro USB.

Vodafone 555 Blue Latest mobiles phone

Vodafone 555 Blue Latest mobiles phone It’s built around the social network and will cost under The finances phone sports a massive QWERTY keyboard for speedy status updates, and a 2.4-inch screen. In the corner of the keyboard, there's a button with the Face book logo on it, reminiscent of the HTC Cha-cha and Salsa's likewise dedicated button. Tap it and you'll be fired face-first into your Face book feed. We like the color scheme to a demure silver hue with blue accents is essentially face book. Social network isn't your cup of tea; other sites can be accessed via the Opera Mini 5 Web browser. There is facility some downsides, though. Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity is unavailable, so speedy Web connections will be out of the question. The screen isn't touch-susceptible either, so you'll have to navigate the phone using the mechanical keys. The 555 doesn't run Android, so we're wondering whether it will be able to offer much over budget phones like the Orange San Francisco, which does run Google's operating system. Still, Android can feel rather geeky sometimes, so a really simple interface could be a big plus.

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