LG EGO Wi-Fi is Latest mobiles phone

The LG EGO Wi-Fi is Latest mobiles phone ideal if you enjoy social networking on the facility Built-in apps mean you can go straight to face book, tweet and more – plus, there's a QWERTY keypad like the one on your computer to make typing messages quick and simple. And like the Samsung Tosco Icon, the EGO's Wi-Fi capability lets you get online affordably and easily at Wi-Fi hotspots across the country. Ideal for custody yourself amused there’s plenty of entertainment that comes with the friends for a weekend. The time will fly by when you tune into the EGO's MP3 player - and if you add a 4GB Micro SD card, there's room for hundreds of your facility tracks. Then, when you fancy a change, why not switch to the FM radio - or play the selection of built-in games? And when you arrive at your mates' house, you can take pictures of your stay with the 2-megapixel camera (like the one on the Nokia-C3) or even shoot some video. Share your facility stuff on the EGO Wi-Fi If you like to share your music and photos, the LG EGO Wi-Fi gives you loads of ways to do so. You can stream using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth – or link your phone easily to your PC by popping in a Micro USB.

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